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Our Company


Our Co-founders

Founded in 2009, Wenwu Learning Studio only had 2 coaches. Over the years, that number has been slowly increasing and the experience each coach has, helped them improve their coaching abilities.

With the introduction of our new studio, we have a centralised training space, dedicated to pushing the athletes even further to reach new heights. This, combined with our PA classes, we are able to reach out to the different communities and sparking the interests of many.

New blood are always being injected into the team and the skill sets being brought abroad has created a dynamic team focusing on the holistic development of out athletes and overcoming various adversities.

No matter the background or skill level, we will not undermine the unseen potential. Like the famous saying "Pressure creates diamonds", we are set on creating someone who can shine brightly and stayed rooted at the same time.

Both of our co-founders, Mr. Loy and Mdm. Chai, have over 20 years of experience under their belt and they are both still actively involved in the grooming and nurturing of athletes. They not only coach, but they also give valuable inputs and pass down knowledge of the sport and giving the younger coaches an insight on how to spot the details of a routine.

Their guidance and assistance to the company is ever important and precise, helping the company and the coaches to continue to grow.

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Our Vision

Nurturing Youths with Passion and Ingenuity to achieve greater heights

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Our Mission

To develop perseverance, respect, commitment and

self-discipline towards Sportsmanship

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Our Values


To endure and overcome adversity



Be considerate and embrace diversity



To stay determine and persist



To continuously work on one's craft & do the right thing even if no one is looking

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Performances & Events

Need some 'WOW' factors or entertainment?

We accept invitations to perform at

events and functions.

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Sports Education Programmes

Endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council, we accept invitations from schools to conduct.​


Co-Curricular Activities

We teach in schools for CCAs, giving every student an equal opportunity to train, learn & bond. Such as:

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PA Courses

Bringing wushu to the fitness & wellness level, we teach the sport for the open public of all ages. 


Overseas Immersion Programmes

We arrange trips for students to train under renowned Wushu schools while experiencing authentic local culture!

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