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personal portfolio

A personal portfolio for each student, enabling them to look back at each training session feedback from their coaches. Including goal setting for our athletes to help us calibrate the necessary training for them, in order to achieve such goals


Athlete incentive program

Rewarding athletes for performing well, this incentive program is aimed to push our athletes to work harder and to also develop self-discipline in focusing on the right goals.

Personal Portfolio



Each portfolio keeps track of an athlete's training schedule and progression from each session. This allows our coaches to tailor each training agenda to be slightly different for each athlete. For the athletes, these portfolios enable them to take note of certain aspects of which they may not have noticed themselves. 


This is done to push our athletes to reach new grounds and achieve their goals, which are stated within the portfolio too.

Athlete Incentive Program
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Athlete incentive program

Our new Athlete Incentive Program aims to support and motivate our athletes. This is used to incite the drive and commitment of the athletes to always do better and persevere to reach greater heights.

This system will reward the athletes for performing well-achieving the top 3 positions in any competition, representing Wenwu Learning Studio. We hope using this system would not only push our athletes to work harder but also to develop self-discipline in focusing on the right goals.

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