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Zavier Tan

Coach Ivy is a great and patient coach to my son, who has been under her coaching for almost 9 years. Coach Ivy’s teaching approaches are systematic, and not only does she act as a teacher, but an encourager to my son. Being knowledgeable and committed to wushu, she is also committed to improving each and everyone of her students, allowing them to push through their limits and be better than before. Best of all, Coach Ivy knows her students strengths and weaknesses and each of her teaching methods are individualized! She takes the time to understand the physical, psychological and personal needs of each of her students. Coach Ivy has motivated my son to grow as an athlete and as a person. By doing so, not only has his confidence grew, his progress is clearly acknowledged. Thanks to Coach Ivy! 


Zen & Florence

Grateful Parents of Zavier Tan


Jasper Chong

My 7 years old son was inspired after watching our local channel 8 series show on martial arts, wushu. We went to the nearest People’s Association Community club and enrolled him for wushu course with Wenwu Learning Studio and in a blink of an eye, 9 years has past. Ever since, my son has progressed well in his wushu skills and has gained lots of confidence, being more outgoing now.  During this time, we have observed how each of their students, have learnt dedication, discipline and respect as well as learning how to protect themselves in a disciplined mannered. 


Wenwu did not only provided a mentorship programme, they have also provided a place where their students can gain friendship, confidence and motivation. Parents are also reassured that a safe training ground is provided where their children will gain skills that will help them be successful in life.

Mother of Jasper Choong En Rong


Cindy Lim

Having grew up in Wenwu ever since I took up Wushu as a CCA in school, till now a National Team Athlete, Coach Loy had taught me life values that I will never forget. He had always been a strict, respectable, encouraging and fun figure to me. All in all, Wenwu had played a huge role in my growth(both Wushu and wellbeing). Words can’t fully describe how I feel after all these precious years with them. I am extremely thankful and appreciative

Cindy Lim


Winston Woo

Enrolling my son, Winston, into Wenwu to learn Wushu 6 years ago was a decision to keep him occupied. Simply looking for an avenue to let him use up his unspent energy, Wenwu was merely a place to park my over-active son.

Contrary to my objectives, the coaches at Wenwu viewed every student as a gem, polishing them and making them shine. Their constant belief that each individual has the potential to be groomed made their students feel important and treasured. They have have really made champions of all who joined them regardless of the parents' initial intention.

Having seen the coaches correcting my son, I was pleasantly surprised to see my prince submitting to authority. They are firm and deliver their lessons in manners which appeal to the learners, especially children like my son. Games and innovative strategy were incorporated into lessons to entice the children. They also plan outings for the children to be gainfully occupied. Above all that, they encouraged the students to perform on many platforms to gain exposure. There are even competitions for the students to expand their experience and get them ready for the annual interschool competition


Today, Winston is passionate about and great at the sport. For this, I am thankful to Wenwu and their team of coaches.

Parents of Winston Woo

Javier & Tryus.jpg

Tyrus & Javier Peck

Practicing Wushu has ascertained my self-worth and boosted my self-esteem, making me a more confident person and to strive for excellence.


Through the dedicated guidance of my coaches, who have believed and seen the potential in me, I am able to confidently take part in competitions at the National level since the young age of 6+ years old.


Despite being overweight and round, I have shown to others that I am fit, strong and flexible. This has placed me in favourable position and limelight, especially in school sports. This has also boosted my self-esteem and makes me realise that every individual does have their own strengths. My own self-discovery would not have been possible without my coaches' guidance. Thank you, Coaches!

Peck Jun Kai, Tyrus ( 9 yrs old)

Practicing wushu has made me more confident and believing in myself of what I can achieve. At the same time, I have learnt self-discipline, sportsmanship, team spirit and make many great friends!


When I started wushu, I kept tearing and feeling tired endlessly. My seniors' and friends' encouragements are what kept me going! The discipline instilled has bonded us and teaches us to be a better person. By becoming stronger, fitter and more flexible has helped me in my school CCA - soccer as well! I secured a place in the school team as a goalkeeper! 


Peck Jun Kang, Javier ( 11 yrs old )

Tyrus & Javier

Soh Choon Wei

I would like to thank the coaches at Wenwu Learning Studio, especially Coach Ivy and Greta. Choon Wei joined Wenwu Learning Studio in 2016 and is still continuing his wushu journey. We are happy that he is always looking forward to the weekly lessons. Choon Wei has developed well in character, learning to show respect and being disciplined. I would recommend Wenwu Learning Studio to any parents who are interested in signing up their children to take up wushu!


Parents of Soh Choon Wei

Beacon RC 

Soh Choon Wei.jpg
Choon Wei

Francesca Lam

My daughter has been practicing wushu with Wenwu Learning Studio for 3 years now , started ever since she was in K2. I find the instructors coaching to be very dedicated and responsible, and they also love children very much. During the 3 years, my daughter has not only improved in her wushu competency, but also had the opportunity to participate in performances and competitions, which helped to boost her confidence a lot. She has also enjoyed the bonding activities (wushu camp) organized by Wenwu Learning Studio and during such activities, the instructors and organizers were shown to be very responsible over the students under their care. A big thanks to Wenwu Learning Studio!


Lam Pew

Father of Francesca Lam Xuan Ya


Ryan Hiew

My son has been training with Wenwu Learning Studio since last year (2018) and all the training has greatly improved his skills in wushu. The trainings have further sharpen his moves and increased his confidence in various competitions.  Being part of Wenwu Learning Studio, he is given a lot of opportunities to participate in various performances and also, local and international competitions. My son has gained a lot of wushu experience with Wenwu Learning Studio and he always looks forward to training! 

Mother of Ryan Hiew

Ryan Hiew.jpg
Ryan Hiew
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